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Bali, Your Next Traveling Destination In Indonesia

Bali is a small island in Indonesia which is famous among tourists for honeymoon or family trips or even group trips. Bali has majority of Hindu people with 83.5% of population. It is the main tourist attraction in Indonesia. About 80% of the economy is made up by the tourists only. It is prominent for its sculpture, painting, music, arts, dance, leather and so on. Also, there is Indonesian International Film Festival which takes place every year in Bali. The climatic condition of Bali is also very humid and it stays same most time of the year. We will look for how to get to Bali in this article.

bali villasWhy visit Bali?

Bali is very beautiful destination and people prefer it as their honeymoon destination. It also has many temples and so it makes a tourist attraction for older age group people also. Bali is an island and so it is surrounded by water all around. We will discuss about how to get to bali in this article. Traveling to Bali is comparatively cheaper than traveling to any other state. There are many offers which are present for booking accommodations.

How to get to Bali?

Flights: You can visit Bali via flight. Denpasar International Airport is 13 kilometers from Bali’s capital Denpasar. You can hire a taxi or book a cab service from the airport. Even hotels provide their vehicle services from airport to hotel.

Road trip: From Jakarta, it is 23-hour long bus journey till Bali. You can take a bus for it.

Ship: You can travel by cruise from Singapore, Java or Sumatra to Bali. You can get more details about it on the airport.

Bali, a tourist destination

Bali is eminent destination for travelers. You can travel in the city by taxi, bus, Dokar, ojek, bemo, walk and so on. There are some popular locations like Mount Batur, Ubud, Kuta beach, Canggu,  beach, Gitgit waterfall, and so on.

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