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Home Design 101: Free up home space by using built-in storage

Having good storage space is indispensable in keeping our homes organized and uncluttered. But you can always experiment on your storage designs, having a good and thoughtful design can improve the shape and function of our interior spaces.

Storage cabinet hong kongHere is how you can benefit from using built-in storage.

Build in a media unit. Putting a long, low storage cabinet along the wall of a living room can be an efficient way to maximize space. You place other appliances on top of your cabinets like TV’s and computers while putting control boxes and cables hidden inside. There are tons of additional storage in the cabinet as well, giving the room a clean and uncluttered look.

Define zones. Having a built-in storage cabinet like a closet can also have the same function as those islands that we use as a boundary between a kitchen and dining zones. It defines and divides a bedroom and bathroom within an open-plan master suite.

Think outside the kitchen. Another option that you can have is to install kitchen storage, choose a good design that emphasizes the linear nature of the space. For example, having a long countertop draws the kitchen into the dining space, and the wall storage that is set back from the counter, it becomes a composition of open and closed cubbies, transitioning from food storage at the kitchen down to the end of books and DVD storage.

Frame a view. Finding a space in bedrooms for closets can be difficult sometimes, it can be tricky when doors and windows take all the likely spots. You can try having a cabinet that can cover an entire window wall, framing the view in a way that makes it feel particularly special and creating a delightful window seat.

Make a bathroom storage visual treat. A bathroom should be a place of comfort where you can wash and relax, and having bottles, jars, and tubes won’t help. Making good cabinet storage is vital for keeping a clean look. Bathroom storage needs to be designed in such a way that the scale and nature of the things to store are kept in order. Choose a wooed-veneered unit to add more elements of warmth and visual softness to the hard gray and white color of the room.

Enhance your outdoor space. Make your outdoor space feel more cozy and human by adding storage within the banquette seating, it also helps add more functions as well.

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