How much do you know about proxy?

A proxy, which can be translated by proxy or intermediary, is a program that mediates between a computer and a network, most often the Internet. A proxy server is a pretty effective protection tool when you connect to the internet, and allows you to browse anonymously by hiding your IP address. How to use it? What’s the point? We will explain everything in this article.Click here for hideme.


What is an HTTP proxy server?

An HTTP proxy server is what can be called an intermediary between your computer and the internet. This server acts by taking the request of the user to transfer it with his own IP address to the target site of the latter. Thanks to the proxy server, there is no direct contact between the user and his target site. It is therefore an agent who protects the user from threats that may come from the websites he visits. There are also two kinds of proxy servers depending on its use.Visit this site for hideme.

The proxy server: This proxy is the server used to guarantee the security of Internet users who visit a site by connecting to a private network (LAN). So all the information coming from the internet goes through the proxy first before being redirected to you. It can be recognized by the acronym HTTP which certifies that the site you are going to visit is safe and that you can connect to it without any problem.

The reverse proxy: with this type of server, it is the servers that are protected from the contents coming from you and from the public network. Before you can connect to the internet, the reverse proxy examines that you are safe for the site you want to visit before you get in touch. If there is any doubt, your data is redistributed to the servers in the background for further verification. Learn more about the reverse proxy.

What is a proxy for?

Using a proxy server can serve several purposes:

To protect yourself

With a proxy server to connect to an external network while prohibiting other devices connected to the internet to access your PC, smartphone or tablet. In general, this feature is already part of your computer’s firewall. If it has been programmed to sort inter-network communications such as the internet and corporate networks. It also acts by blocking unreliable requests from a server.

To hide your browsing data

By connecting to the internet and visiting websites, without an anonymous proxy, they can collect all your browsing information such as your IP address, where you come from and all the sites you have visited before. Fortunately there are anonymous proxies to avoid this.

To remember your favorite sites: by typing often on your browser, you will not need to type it in full when you want to get there, because it is more than certain that your cache proxy have memorized it.