Instagram Promotion

Promote your trade on Instagram: Configuration of automatic services

If you use your Instagram business account carefully, it can take an enormous amount of time. Just imagine how long it will take you to think of a good post idea, edit images and videos, create a post, respond to all comments and direct messages, etc. Why waste your time on it when you have much more important tasks to do, improve your customer service, find new suppliers, add new items, optimize your store, etc. To plan your activity in a more rational and thoughtful way, opt for an automatic service. More generally, these plugins and tools allow you to: Personally, we recommend that you consult the InstaBOSS service; we have a good experience, and thanks to this application, we have managed to have more than 66,000 subscribers on our Instagram account.

Technically, Hashtag Generator  is not a free service. However, it is much cheaper than most similar tools. Also, if you think about all the time and effort you need to spend publishing on Instagram, you will certainly find that such a low cost for an automated solution is perfectly adequate.

Promote your business on Instagram: Explore the galleries

Instagram Promotion

In early 2017, Instagram introduced a new feature: a gallery. This means that you can put up to 10 photos or videos in a single post. This is particularly useful for Instagram accounts in the e-commerce sector and, more particularly, for those in dropshipping. Now you no longer waste your time and energy creating collages. And you also don’t have to spam your subscribers’ news feed with multiple similar posts. How can you use galleries in your dropshipping business?Show multiple products at once. If you want to inform your readers about new products, present a collection, announce a sale for a certain category of products, etc. Simply combine the relevant images into a post. Nothing will be overlooked, and you will not annoy readers with many similar posts that will appear in a short period of time.

Show a product from different angles. This can be a good alternative with a video, for example, if you want to show details of an item, just take several high-quality photos and combine them into one “gallery” post.

Use Instagram Stories to promote your business

Traditionally, people have used Instagram to post carefully selected photos and videos. Users share their most beautiful scenes, the most important moments, and the most significant events. This is not with every one of the cases with Instagram stories; they disappear in 24 hours and are only shown to one category of subscribers. This means that users do not feel a lot of stress, they freely post what they want, and they are really relaxed about it even if the quality of the photo is not too high or if their face is funny.