Storing Bitcoin offline

Storing Bitcoin Online

Let us help you to decide what’s the right Bitcoin wallet —we will take a close look at the benefits of all of them here.


Simple to use

The web bitcoin wallets are just like sites such as Facebook — and you open the web browser, and go on the website as well as log in with the username & password. Simple!

Software wallets are just like Microsoft Word — and you open an application from the desktop and you are in. You may need to put the password in, though and it is considered to be the best bitcoin wallet. Both the options are simple to access and use. They aren’t complicated as well as are very good for the beginners!

Fast Access to the Bitcoins

Because internet wallets are simple to log in and offer the user-friendly network, you have the instant access of sending & viewing the Bitcoins. Many web wallets will allow you purchase the Bitcoins from them (like Coinbase).

Totally free

The web wallets or software wallets are free to use, which is one step towards being a best Bitcoin wallet.

Are there any disadvantages?

Safety Risk

The online wallets are connected to internet, thus they are prone to many attacks. The web wallets provide low levels of the security as all the accounts are been stored on the central server. It means that the hackers will log in to the account as well as access the coins from computer in case they have the password. The software wallets provide higher security levels than the web wallets as your information will be downloaded on your personal computer. Thus, your Bitcoins will be stored in just one location — and they are online and not available on internet. So, you can make your own choice.