Confinement food catering singapore

Types of catering: which one to choose?

So that you can choose the right catering service, below we will give you a detailed list with the main types of catering service. Read it and when you need this service, select the one that best suits your need. Click here for confinement food catering singapore.

Home catering

Basically, it consists in the delivery of the food to the customer who requests it.

It is of the types of catering that offer party dishes where it is possible to make mixtures of different foods (snacks, small menus and meals). Likewise, home catering particularly provides its customers with options according to the volume of their orders. Visit this site for confinement food catering singapore.

It is usually a service that is hired in the celebration of meetings or parties, as it is an easy way for food to be available to guests.

Door to door catering

The service is offered, as its name refers, door to door. Thus, the most outstanding food combinations are supplied according to the diversity of gastronomic options together with a personal service that arrives directly at the contractor’s house. That way both the client and their guests will enjoy their meal. However, you can also hire only the delivery service. If this is the case, the catering company will simply take care of the food.

Catering for exclusive events

All the services that are used for an event requires to include catering for special events.

This catering deals with the presentation of food through an extraordinary menu, which will be the essential and most important point of the company.

At the same time, it is a service that can lead to the planning of the event and concerning the decoration or cleanliness. 

Industrial catering

It is known for being catering that serves large-scale food, that is, in hospitals, schools, airlines and other institutions. It is normal for industrial catering to carry out contracts valid for up to 6 months or even 1 year.