Bunk Bed Chicago

Bunk bed Chicago: The 10 best places to look for

Purpose of Bunk bed

If a one-bed frame is loaded on another bed frame, then that is known as a bunk bed. Here two beds can be adjusted in place of one. For choosing the bunk beds below things should be kept in mind:

1. One should choose semi-high bunk beds, having to protect rails to save the kids from falling.

2. Wooden bunk beds are more durable and stronger as compared to the metal once.

3. The bunk beds should be selected depending on the theme the kids like.

4. The room in which, the bunk beds are to be placed should be accurately measured beforehand. There should be at least 2 feet of distance between the upper mattress and the ceiling. The reason behind this is that the kid’s head should not touch the ceiling when they stand up on the bed.

Bunk Bed Chicago

There are different designs of bunk beds that are available in the market. Some of them are:

1. Twin on Twin

2. Futon Twin

3. Desk Twin

4. Complete Twin

5. The space between the bunk beds should have enough space so that the child’s head won’t touch the other bed while sitting.

6. In the bunk beds, the stairs are safer for the small kids. Whereas for the older kids’ ladders are ok.

There are many places in Chicago, where one can find bunk beds. Some of the best Bunk bed Chicago are listed below:

1. Rooms4Kids: They provide bunk beds and other kids furniture at an affordable price. All of them are made up of hardwood.

2. KidzBedz-: They specialize in large varieties of bunk beds, loft, cribs, dressers for the kid’s room. They are in this business since 1979.

3. Affordable Furniture & Carpet: They provide the living room set, Bedding set, futon beds, bunk beds. They do free delivery and do free set up.

4. American Mattress: They provide mattresses, bunk beds, bedding sets. All the furniture is available at a reasonable price.

5. Mike’s Furniture: They provide all kinds of furniture. They accept the payment in all major forms.

Kids like bunk beds very much. So, some of the safety measures for the same are:

1. The bunk beds should be placed in such a way that there will wall in 2 sides of the bed.

2. The dangerous or any sharp objects should be removed from the bunk bed.

3. It is always advisable to climb the bunk bed using stairs or ladders only.

There are many places in Chicago, from where one can buy bunk beds. It is better to compare prices, features and other necessary attributes before making a purchase.