microarray service providers

An Introduction to DNA Microarray

DNA microarray technology is one of the fields which are considered to be the area of highest interest today. This is also termed as gene chip technology. The rising interest behind this area is due to the developments occurred in sequencing approaches happened in large-scale. This technology is one of the very powerful technology and tool mainly for analyzing regulation and organization of the brain in both healthy and diseased subjects. Microarray technology has the capability to offer all new insights when it comes to gene function, disease classification, disease pathophysiology, and even in drug development. Today we can find a lots of microarray service providers.

Microarray Services – things you should know

Today there are many microarray service providers and most of them are certified in Chip on chip miRNA profiling and Gene expression. When they have these types of certifications it is guaranteed that clients will receive best results along with highest sensitivity, reliability, and quality from that microarray service providers.

Some of the common microarray services are

  • Chip on chip mainly for epigenetic studies
  • Gene expression profiling
  • Genomic hydration with Array comparative for detecting chromosomal aberrations
  • Methylation profiling which is very useful for epigenetic studies
  • Single nucleotide polymorphism or SNP microarrays
  • miRNA profiling
  • Array capture services
  • Genome sequence and Transcriptome data validation by making use of microarrays

It is also possible that if the clients come with different and unique needs, these service providers serve them with customized arrays. Arrays are usually designed by making use of optimized bioinformatics methods. Some service providers also make use of eArray tools. Usually microarrays are printed through the use of SurePrint in-stu technologies available. Printed arrays usually come with highly sensitive probes.

microarray service providersIt is very important to look for certain key features in these service providers. Some of them are highest quality when it comes to probes. This helps in ensuring higher sensitivity along with specificity. It is very important that they should be able to design unique arrays for specific needs of the clients. They should make use of designing services which come under custom array designs and keep in mind the region of interest when choosing these services.

They should serve the customers with validated and optimized probe designs which delivers highest signal to noise ratios. This is very important when we consider the success chances of microarray experiments. They should be able to provide custom microarray designs which are eArray based and this helps in offering optimized probe design and genomic coverage which is region specific which are based on applications.