The future of this new digital currency system is still uncertain, although it is predicted that it may be the safest to use on the network since we are quite familiar with the causes of money fraud on the network. This system, being perfectly encrypted and decentralized, promises to be a revolution and alternative to credit cards, for example, but there is still a long way to go … perhaps even shorter than the one we have been traveling with credit cards lotto results, which practically we use them for everything … but the Bitcoin system aims to be much safer, transparent to all users and neutral, without banks or private institutions behind…

Freedom of Payment:

It is likely to send and obtain any quantity of block chain currency right away wherever in the earth, with no borders, with no holidays, with no limits, etc. Bitcoin permit the user to have utmost control of their cash

Security and Control: 

Users have complete control of their currency and their dealings. There is no possibility of being charged unexpected charge as with additional Payment methods. Payments made with Bitcoins can be made perfect without the need to provide any personal information of the user, which makes your transaction perfectly protected against thieves. Bitcoin users can also defend their cash with backup and encryptions.

Transparent and Neutral:

Any information about the supply of cash with Bitcoin can be with no trouble read and established in real-time. No association or person can control or influence the Bitcoin protocol as it is cryptographically secure. In this way we can speak that Bitcoin is unbiased, transparent and unsurprising, so we can trust it perfectly.