Why is Bitcoin valuable?

The reason why Bitcoin is valuable is the same reason that the US dollar has. It is a form of money that is used by people to buy and sell goods or services. While the value of the US dollar is supported by the government, which gives it legal status and uses it to collect taxes, the value of Bitcoin comes from its computer code.


Bitcoin is global! It does not matter where you live. You can use bitcoins anywhere in the world, as long as you have a telephone reception or an Internet connection. Travel around the globe without having to convert currencies.

Metastable up to date

Bitcoin is wearable. Bitcoin can be upgraded or updated with an unlimited number of new features. Like many new technologies, Bitcoin is managed by a powerful computer program. Just like the AppStore apps, if you think of an improvement, you can set it up and share it with everyone. For example, imagine that your fridge has its Bitcoin account to automatically buy you milk when you miss it.


Bitcoin transactions are confidential. You never have to share your personal information or risk having your identity stolen. Since you do not enter personal information, hackers have nothing to steal. Compare this with traditional forms of payment where you may need to share your card number, address, name, and phone, information that hackers can use to steal your identity.


Bitcoin is reliable. Like the Internet, it works with millions of computers around the world and not in one place or organization. This is called decentralized technology, or peer-to-peer. Bitcoin can fail only if all the computers in the network fail.