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          The electric lighter has become one of the most talked after gadget these days as it is in fact one of the essential parts of human life only that it is made in a very fashionable way. It looks like a very small smart phone to look at from the outside with a USB charger cable and a charger port but when you open it the reality comes before you. To know more on this futuristic gadget click here and find what you need to know before you decide to own one such piece. This is a very modern looking gadget that belongs very much in your tool kit as well as when you are out and about during the day. It has several purposes even though it is a lighter. The efficiency of this lighter when compared with the other existing lighters far exceeds them.

The design:

          The design when you look at would appear like a small black box which has a charger port. But upon examination you will come to know that this is veryfuturistic and modern equipment that you are viewing. It is sleek and small and fits right inside the palm of your hand; it is very light and does not occupy much space in your case.


It can be easily carried anywhere inside a clutch or in a pant pocket or a skirt pocket or a hand bag. This is a very slim design and the colours are all very attractive.


          The gadget works on electric power just like a smart phone does and the battery is kept inside the casing and a charger cable is provided in the package. You can use it to recharge it very easily. So you will not miss the lighter when you need the most. The top of the lighter case opens up and it is provided with a stylish button which you press in order to put it to use. Once recharged the battery can hold on for more than five hours nonstop but since it is not how we use a lighter, it can be used for several days and sometimes it is said even up to a month. You will not go out of fire or light with this tool. To know more on this cool tool click here and find out.